We use high filtration vacuums that contain at least three separate filters. these filters capture harmful particles and quickly remove them from your environment. you will have a better air quality as a result.


Kitchen,Break Area

Each visit...

Damp wipe table tops & counters

Empty trash

Damp wipe microwave oven


Sweep & mop floors

Wipe exterior of refrigerator

Restroom Area

Each visit...

Empty trash

Sweep & mop floors

Sanitize fixtures,toilets,urinals partitions/walls

all sinks,counters & door handles

Polish mirrors

General Office Area

Each visit..

Dust Empty recycling/trash

Spot clean entrance glass doors


Dust mop/spot clean to remove spills and stains

Each week...

Full and thorough detail mopping

Dust window ledges/top of partitions

Clean/sanitize telephones

Thorough detail vacuuming

Each month...

Dust high to reach area

Dust blinds

Remove cobwebs

​Clean baseboards

We utilize microfiber towels and mop heads which remove more dirt than a standard towel or mop. we clean every room with a fresh microfiber towel and bathrooms are cleaned with a color coded towel to prevent the spread of germs from one room to another
We offer several cleaning schedules including a 'ONE TIME' clean



Cleanliness is a state of purity, clarity, and precision

We will schedule a personal walk through with you to determine your cleaning need

what to expect
​We specialize in green chemicals which are equally, if not more effective than standard commercial cleaning chemicals. They are designed to have fewer toxins and Volatile organic compounds.

Once we agree on your cleaning schedule and price both parties sign a contract

you determine your
cleaning regiment

We will arrive prepared to give you a pleasant cleaning experience 

Dwon and Erika Cleaning Group LLC